Monday, 17 November 2008

Death Of The Mixtape Vol 2.0 Nov 2008

Hello!! Don’t let it be said that I don’t listen to my critics! The comments on my 1st mixtape seemed to agree that it was a bit laidback (though I’m not sure how a mix with The Sonics & Minor Threat on it can be that laidback!) Bearing this in mind the nu mix is a little more animated, not too much though, and still as eclectic as possible without rendering the mix unlistenable (just wait until mix 12.0 when I drop The Carpenters straight after Cannibal Corpse!)

Give it a go & check out the document for a tracklist & more info.

Death Of The Mixtape Vol 2.0

Document of Death Vol 2.0

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redrebel said...

Another good mix of tunes here

& you can't have too much beefheart, tis good for you

'Beard (inexplicable affiliations welcome) said...

Just listening to your digital tapings now,stella mix. I'd go as far as to say interstellar but the extra terrestrial conotations would inevitably increase the chances of getting into a fist fight with a Star Trek fan.
A good shout with ragged wood; good new music is a myth however, like the freedom of speech or a Kinder 'surprise'.

Bill Holden said...

Thanks for the feedback people, always appreciated!