Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Death Of The Mixtape Vol 1.0 Nov 2008

Hello all!
Welcome to the new phase of my blog which is regular (hopefully monthly) posts of 45 minute long mixtapes that run like my old pause button tapes when all I had was a CD player & double tape deck with a record button. The plan is to be as eclectic as possible but still have lots of good songs, maybe some you might not have heard before. Please leave a comment if you like (or even if you dislike) the mix.

I've added a word document for DL with the tracklist and a little bit of info about the mix & stuff (it'll become apparent if you have a look).

If you like any of the tunes on here why not spend some cash. I'm pretty sure all the acts deserve it!

Sponsored by Mandrill

1 comment:

redrebel said...

nice mix here. Peaceful and trippy in places. An eclectic group of tunes to boot