Thursday, 3 January 2008

Verfremsdungseffekt The Mixes

This is my version of the I'm sorry I haven't got a clue game "one song to the tune of another". In simpler terms I got hold of a load of Hip Hop accapellas (the rapping without the music) and splashed them liberally over a load of instrumental stuff. Some of it is obvious and poppy as hell but other bits are fairly underground. Its one for parties where you want to please everyone especially yourself. Hope you like them as I worked damn hard putting them together.

Struggling as I am to get my box net to post to my blog I've decided to go old skool on your ass and added direct links to the files.

Part 001

Part 002

Part 003

The meaning of Verfremsdungseffekt

The crew of Outpost 31 have had this mix on while playing computer chess and arguing.

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