Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy Birthday To Me! + Cheeky Minimal Techno Mix

Hello fellow freak & geeks and welcome to my 1st annual birthday message and mix. Just been out to Manchester buying all sorts of stuff I didn't need (trainers [Stan Smiths], t-shirt [Superdry], records & cds [Pinch & Emperor Machine], I would have bought some comics too if they had issue 43 of The Walking Dead) I received some pretty cool stuff too (A book & CD of photographs & music from the films of Dario Argento & the soundtrack to Blood on Satans Claw [not got this yet but it does count!] + peanut M&M's and Erdinger)

Went to see I Am Legend on the IMAX screen at the printworks which was a lot better than I thought it would be, and although not a patch on the peerless original novel or NOTLD which took influence from the novel, was an enjoyable waste of 2 hours.

Anyway onto the mix. To provide contrast with the slightly populist nature of my previous mix this is a full on minimal techno workout that starts off nice and easy before becoming more complex in the middle, adds a touch of dubstep/techno then goes totally mental at the end.

Cheeky Techno
- Right Click & Saveas

This mix is required listening aboard the Satellite of Love.

& because its my birthday here's a picture of Ween for no other reason than I like Ween.
A lot.

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