Thursday, 20 October 2011

Blawan Mix

I've had another mix removed thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so I'm going to have to go back to (that's a lot of to's) tracklists on request which is hella annoying if i'm perfectly honest. I'm fully understanding of the reasoning behind pulling links down and fair play to them, but when there's blogs by the dozen that give away entire records in their hundreds then its frustrating that my little corner of the internet is getting hit.
So just to be extra awkward i'm putting up a mix of tracks by UK producer Blawan because he doesn't have an album out. Blawan is ace by the way, got that proper fresh UK post dubstep/funky/techno/house sound down to perfection and added a drizzle of classic acid. So anyways bollocks to the DMCA and whichever record company lackey thoughtlessly crushed my blogosphere dream, download this fucker, stick the volume up to 11 and get your goddamn bogle on.

BLAWAN MIX - Right Click & Saveas


Anonymous said...

this is really well done boss. love Blawan's tracks.

Bill said...

Cheers chop, Blawan smashes it every time, I can add a tracklist if you want? Please pass it on to anyone you think will like it!
Cheers again
Bill (Spartak)