Tuesday, 15 September 2009

10 songs 1

A slightly new venture for the blog to keep you all ticking over and a good way to get the music I like out to the masses (ha). I present to you..... 10 songs!!! Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this is literally ten unconnected songs hastily slung together for your delectation. I hope to get a few more of these posted up over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

10 songs 1 - Right click & Save As.

Tracks -
1 the fifth dimension - the rainmaker
2 the giallos flame - italia violenta
3 murs - walk like a man
4 scritti pollitti - asylums in jerusalem
5 bonzo dog band - hunting tigers in india
6 sleep - dragonaut
7 fat truckers - the white single (girls on top remix)
8 moderat - out of sight
9 william bell - i forgot to be your lover
10 new north wales - last light


A A D D A A M M C C said...

ah man, i want that new north wales soooooooo bad. sounds amazing. thanks for sharing a tune.

Spartak Mixtapes said...

No worries mate, its a great record like all the Mobeer releases.