Thursday, 24 July 2008

Squarepusher Mixes

Squarepusher is the fucking daddy. I can still remember the shock & awe I felt when I saw the "Come On My Selector" video for the 1st time on late night MTV (when MTV still showed music videos, WTF happened there?!?!?!).
These 2 mixes are a celebration of that feeling of being smashed repeatedly around the head with a 2lb lump hammer. In a good way.

Squarepusher Mix 1.0

Squarepusher Mix 2.0

If you like the mixes why not go spend some cash.
Tom deserves it!
Also, why not check out some of Toms brother Andy 'Ceephax Acid Crew' Jenkinsons stuff while your there, especially the Exidy Tours CD or the Acid Quakers EP if you can get hold of em.

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